Frozen Silk

Frozen Silk

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writing and Design in Communication

Traditionally, for me, writing has been just that, to satisfy the limitations imposed by a certain assignment that was given to me by a professor. With those limitations, I have been held back in my artistic abilities to be able to design a more effective paper in communicating my arguments with supporting points. With that said, writing should not be as restrictive. I now understand that the ability to communicate effectively requires the ability to design an effective paper or other form of communication to get my point across. Granted, I can write with limitations, and write well, but that does not allow for effective communication to a wider audience. By hampering design in writing and other forms of communication, you limit the imagination of the communicator, therefore, only allowing for a single person audience. Effective written communication takes on a whole new form when the author is allowed to express their artistic side through their writing. The audience becomes broad, not limited, hence the ability to reach the hearts and minds of many, not a singular being. I also understand that the beginnings of communication, I have to be able to come up with a problem before I can provide a solution. If the problem is given before hand, this limitation hampers the artistic ability of an effective communicator.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What I Think About Blogs

Blogs are out there to give an outlet to someone to be able to express themselves, with the ability to be able to get raw feedback from strangers that will give unedited feedback to a situation, or life event. Some find it therapeutic to be able to write and just let the world know what they are feeling. Others find that blogs allow for a long story to be told, that necessarily is not in any structure but give the raw feelings, emotions, and details that could be left out of an autobiography. Blogs can be tremendously useful, in such a way that give the author and reader an emotional tie to one another, without having to have met, but to have anonymity with each other. It also allows for writers to be able to just free write and be able to drum up a new story of column that they want to write about. They can be used to push a certain message to the world, such as political messages, or anything that anyone is passionate about. Yet, they can be useful, I happen to feel that they are a little bit out of date, if you want to get information or feedback on a topic, there are forums to ask experts. But for the emotional aspect, they can be very useful. A blogger, to me, fits a certain type of mold, or they used to, the mold is not a defined thing, it is not one central person, but if you look at the free and open blogs, I can see a certain person. But more and more, that persona of the stereotypical blogger is being broken down. People are finding it acceptable to blog about anything that they feel passionate about or just what is on their mind. I see these new people who come to blogging as people that want their voice heard or they just want to provide entertainment. There is not set type, just people that want to be heard. For me, a blog could be nice, but I do not know what I would write about. Maybe this class will allow me to open up to helping me deal with the PTSD that I have and be able to express some of the feelings that are deep inside. Maybe it will help me out, but the least that I can do is try it and see what happens. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Abilities As A Communicator

As a communicator, I do best in explaining how to accomplish something, more or less, give directions on how to accomplish a task. Now, it may seem that many people are able to do this, but being the family go-to when it comes to cooking food from scratch and living far from my family (i.e. my mother and father, brother and sister.). For the last five years, I have lived at a distance from them, and our way to keep in touch is through cooking, more or less a virtual cooking. They always have questions when it comes to how to cook and my abilities to be able to explain things has come from the ability to explain how to cook various dishes from scratch. This allows me to be able to speak well with other in how to complete tasks, or just simply communicating my point across to anyone. I am also considered the listener, and normally that entails me becoming the advice giver, yet, I am the youngest child but I am always the one who everyone comes to for advice. This reason may be because I always give straight answers and do not beat around the proverbial bush, as one may say. Also, when in group settings, or working on projects for class, I am the one who is the designer and editor. I somehow have the ability to see things in a manner that is pleasing while still maintaining the ability to get the point across. This involves pictures and other forms of media but ultimately, it is the writing and manipulation of words that allows for a better presentation.
When it comes to thinking about current issues, I have to refrain from diving into current issues with politics or news, I tend to get angry and this just messes up my overall mood, so I do not think about current issues.
As far as composing song lyrics and me being happy writing lyrics, that is a flat out, NO. I listen to music and listen to the meaning of what the artist is trying to say, but I do not get enjoyment from writing song lyrics or even poetry. I have had it happen one time and that was a poem I wrote about my Grandfather after he passed away.
Depending on the situation and the people that are around, I feel that I am funny. My choice in humor is a bit on the vulgar and dark side. Often when I let the tiger loose, normal people feel uncomfortable and so I never let the tiger out of his cage, unless I am around veterans, mainly Marine veterans, they like my form of humor.
The thing that I mostly enjoy from communication is the ability to find out other's interests. I like the process of writing and the freedom that it gives me in getting my thoughts out there and viewable. I enjoy how people read what I have wrote, or view what I have designed and get inspired or even tell me I have done great work.
One area that I know that I need to work on is the grammatical area and sentence structure, in a grammatical sense. I get feedback that often says that I am wordy, but it is still understandable, that is the main area that I need to work on.