Frozen Silk

Frozen Silk

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writing and Design in Communication

Traditionally, for me, writing has been just that, to satisfy the limitations imposed by a certain assignment that was given to me by a professor. With those limitations, I have been held back in my artistic abilities to be able to design a more effective paper in communicating my arguments with supporting points. With that said, writing should not be as restrictive. I now understand that the ability to communicate effectively requires the ability to design an effective paper or other form of communication to get my point across. Granted, I can write with limitations, and write well, but that does not allow for effective communication to a wider audience. By hampering design in writing and other forms of communication, you limit the imagination of the communicator, therefore, only allowing for a single person audience. Effective written communication takes on a whole new form when the author is allowed to express their artistic side through their writing. The audience becomes broad, not limited, hence the ability to reach the hearts and minds of many, not a singular being. I also understand that the beginnings of communication, I have to be able to come up with a problem before I can provide a solution. If the problem is given before hand, this limitation hampers the artistic ability of an effective communicator.

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