Frozen Silk

Frozen Silk

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Design Plan

Medium: I am utilizing photographs to show the steps in how to properly disassemble and clean a U.S. Army 1941 Remington Rand M1911. I need to show in detail, the step by step process, not just how the parts fit together, but how you go about getting those parts apart, to be able to clean them, as well as putting it back together. I do not think that I will manipulate the pictures, but it is a possibility. I want to be able to show how easy it is to take apart and put back together.
Production: I will utilize PowerPoint at first to see how it will look. But there is a possibility that I will need to put into another format to where it is easily added to my blog.

Ethos: Even though this is a simple task, some may find it daunting. I want people to view this and be at ease with the simplicity of the task at hand. I also want the audience to be able to walk away confident in how to complete this task.
Pathos: I want to be able to show everyone that it is very simple and does not have that many steps in taking the pistol apart. My ethos is for everyone to feel at ease with this task, even if they have never held a pistol. I want this to be presented in a way that invokes simplicity and not complexity, even though the pistol is a complex piece of hardware.
Logos: This will be a step-by-step “How-To” guide. It will be straight and to the point, no frills or gallantry, just simple and easy to understand. The pictures will be set up in a series of steps on what to exactly to do. With the ending picture to just have instructions to be able to reverse the steps to put it back together, but without the actual pictures showing how to put it back together.

Arrangement: The first slide will include everything that you will need to protect the pistol from damaging the surface that the viewer has it laid on, as well as, protecting the pistol from the surface to prevent scratches. The next slide will point out what every component is called. The third slide will show how to take off the pistol grips. The fourth slide will be the first step coupled with the second step, since it entails front portion of the barrel, slide, and slide spring. The fifth slide will show that you need to place the locking pin notch directly over the locking pin and pull the pin out. The sixth slide will indicate that the viewer pulls the slide forward and off the pistol receiver, which houses the spring pin and the barrel. The spring pin will fall out and then the barrel can be pulled out of the front of the slide. The seventh slide will show everything laid out, but in an exploded manner to make sure that all parts are there. The eighth slide will what to cleaning tools and wipes to use where.  The ninth slide will show where to shoot some CLP and the final slide will be a picture of the pistol back together.

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