Frozen Silk

Frozen Silk

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Purpose Statement

            I am communicating on how to take apart a 1941 Remington Rand M1911, to be able to clean and maintain the pistol properly. I hope to be able to communicate the steps in taking apart the pistol effectively and in the proper order, so that my audience is able to repeat what I have shown, and be able to remember the steps easily. I hope that my audience will feel confident with taking apart the pistol so that they know that there is no fear in damaging the pistol. I want my audience to be able to understand my passion for this pistol and the meaning behind why I am showing them how to do this. This is my passion, guns are my passion, but this pistol is my pride and joy. It was an inheritance piece that I received from when my Grandfather passed away. He wore this pistol every day and kept very good care of it. It was one of his favorites and I intend to keep it in proper working condition and very clean. I can remember him showing me how to take it apart when I was young but I had since forgotten. After I had taken it out to target shoot, I wanted to be able to clean it so I searched for the proper instructions on how to properly take it apart, but to no avail, I could only find pistols that were a close match but were not the exact one. I had to figure it out along with help from instructions of other pistols that are based on this model. I figured it out and now I can take it apart in under 1 minute.
            The best possible outcome for this is that my audience walks away confident or is able to follow along with the photos easily. The worst-case scenario is that my audience finds this not helpful at all or they feel that I have done something incorrect. But if they think that it is incorrect then they know how to do it and are just checking to see if it is correct. I feel that this is worthwhile because there are some collectors and gun enthusiasts that do not particularly know how to break down this pistol and from my research on the internet, there is not much out there on how to breakdown this specific pistol.
            My audience will be gun enthusiasts, as well as gun collectors, the audience might also be new enthusiasts with their first pistol. They might be frustrated because they have been trying to figure it out on their own. They might be curious on how to do it in the future. They could be hostile because they might be searching for a similar pistol and come across mine and not even know that there are subtle differences from manufacturer to manufacturer. The most relevant to this are the enthusiasts and collectors, this will show them how to break down the pistol in a simple and easy manner.

            The communication will take place over the internet, specifically my blog. It will be able to be found via a search engine. I feel that it will mostly be accessed through the home of the viewer. It will be an informal setting but I want it to come off as professional.

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