Frozen Silk

Frozen Silk

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


When I stand back and look at my presentation, I see a product that I envisioned before I started. It came with a few challenges. I knew that my step by step guide would have to be easily understandable and easy to follow. I thought that I would just take maybe 10-12 pictures and it would flow seamlessly, but it did not. When I took my initial set of pictures and set them in the presentation, I started to see the holes in the step-by-step process, I needed to have more detail. I would have to put the pistol back together to a certain step and take a few more pictures. I had to look at it in a sense that the audience was helping in the design and achieving the simplicity of the process. I had to repeat many steps and in total, I probably took apart and reassembled the pistol four to five times.
          When it came to the design layout, I knew that I needed to have the pictures laid out in a way that showed major groupings of a step on the same screen, but not so much that it was uneasy to follow the steps. After the initial steps, I found out that when I would present the slide show, the pictures were too small for the steps and just too small to understand. I knew that now I needed to make the pictures bigger. Thus, I had to expand the size of the photos and create more slides. This was much better to view the presentation and understand it. This helped the overall design.

          I achieved the look that I wanted with the presentation. I thought that designing it would be easy but the process was actually a bit harder because of the headaches I ran into and the detail that I left out. But overall, it met my standards and I hope that the audience will like it.  

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